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Quote(s) to Live By:"Dream as if you'll live forever; live as if you'll die today." / "Never take it seriously; if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends."

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    That final drawing pretty much sums up what I pictured when I first saw this thing.

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    walking dead season 4 finale. meh.

    Dear Producers of the Walking Dead and AMC Networks,
    I love and appreciate you for giving me gore, violence, strong characters I can actually care about, a well thought out storyline, zombies and eye candy in the form of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln on a weekly basis.
    However, this doesn’t excuse your inability to pace the show with something resembling finesse. When the season finale feels more like the mid-season finale, I’m more annoyed then anxious that I have to wait until the fall for any conclusion and my first thought was ‘that was unnecessarily ambiguous…and deeply unsatisfying after a half season long lead up’ you might have a problem.

    Potential Spoilers Below Break

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    Crazy/Beautiful turned 5 today!
Tumblr gave me a birthday cupcake!

    Crazy/Beautiful turned 5 today!

    Tumblr gave me a birthday cupcake!

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    If you had asked me anytime before this afternoon how I felt about the fact that ‘nerd culture’ had become mainstream over the last few years I’d have probably said, “Whatever. I knew that shit was cool when I was ten.”
    I honestly could care less that the very interests that made me ‘uncool’ and a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’ when I was a teenager are suddenly ‘hip’ and ‘quirky’ and ‘cool’. I’m 30 for fuck’s sake; if I didn’t really care that I got made fun of for reading comics when I was 16 I’m not gonna care if everyone likes them now (even if it’s probably more the movie version then anything else).

    I’m not so sure how I feel about this anymore.

    I ran into this, for lack of any better word to use, bitch who pretty much made it her daily goal to torment me from sixth grade until twelfth grade at the store this afternoon. I saw her down the isle and, damn near 13 years since graduation or not, immediately tried to bolt out of there.

    Unfortunately, she saw me and immediately is all smiles and “Hi! How are you?”

    To be polite, as my mother raised a lady (whether she always agrees with that or not), I responded briefly and inquired as to her own health and well being…butter wouldn’t melt and all that.

    And rather then give me a quick, “Oh I’m fine” so I could go about the rest of my shopping she proceeds to tell me all about how she just bought tickets to the NYCC - which isn’t even until frickin’ October - and how she’s planning out her Pepper Potts costume already and her husband (who she insisted on telling me look’s “just like RDJ!”) is going to dress up like Tony Stark and it will be, “So much fun!”

    I managed to nod and tell her that I’m sure it would be and then told her I really needed to get going. When all I could think is, “This girl used to rip comic books out of my hand in the middle of the cafeteria, mock my friends and I when we did our own cosplay, call me every name in the book and basically do everything but physically lay her hands on me…and she’s apparently decided that it’s cool NOW, when we’re adults?!”

    I feel like I stepped into the fucking Twilight Zone. Oh! There, something else she would mock me over. *eyeroll*

    Normally I can find something else to amuse myself easily (a movie, a book, writing, etc)…but it’s suddenly as though since went down the only thing I can even contemplate is reading fanfic. And it has to be on that site.

    Also, I kind of despise ao3. A lot. The search function is messy. Almost everything has a slash element.
    Now, I like slash. I even like non-canon slash pairings…if it could plausibly make sense for the characters involved - but sometimes the pairings people come up with are just head-scratchingly unbelievable. Just cause you find two male actors to be ‘pretty’ doesn’t mean pairing them together makes a lick of sense for their characters…

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    Why don’t you just give me a break? I just need you to be my father for one goddamn day and just… just help me.

    This came out in 1987 and I remember seeing it for the first time in ‘93. I was about 10 (don’t judge my very liberal parental units). It pretty much cemented RDJ as one of my favorite actors ever. As I got older and had repeated viewings I started to realize we aren’t supposed to be sympathetic towards Julian and are instead supposed to ‘shame’ him and his problems and ‘yearn’ for the life that Clay and Blair will lead (ie: ivy-university yuppie-centric late-80s/early-90s life). Considering the source material; that’s friggin hysterical - considering in the book Clay is (in my opinion) an even ‘worse’ human then Julian could ever even try to be.
    Anyway, just got finished with another viewing and was again in tears at the end as our ‘heroes’ somehow managed to miss the fact that their ‘best-friend’ went into cardiac arrest in the backseat of the car. RIP Julian Wells.



look at dis rolly baby

its a wrinkle

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    look at dis rolly baby

    its a wrinkle

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    Ridiculous amounts of snow + Heat malfunctioning = uh-oh.

    Somewhat random thought: I heard on a chat show (The Talk or The View or some shit) them discussing Selena Gomez going for a 2 week stint in rehab. They were talking about how short a stay that is for some sort of treatment. And one of the hosts pointed out that maybe she just needed a break from life.

    Whether that is true or not is beside the point. But it did make me wish for the kind of money where I can call up a rehab/mental health facility and say, “Excuse me, can you let me stay with you for two weeks. Take away my phone, my computer, my television and my family and just let me exist and breathe. Thank you.”

    Because, having a mother who spent a few years in and out of mental health treatment centers I know for a fact that they will do this. They might not take you on insurance if you don’t actually need treatment; but those kinds of facilities are in such need of actual money (most of the time) that they’d find you a damn bed if you were willing to pay cash. And they treat you 1000x better then the people who are there on insurance.

    I feel like this is “whining” but as it’s my damned tumblr I can vent if I want to. As one of four adults currently living in my grandmother’s house - I feel like I’m the only adult here. My Mom tries but she’s got her own issues (and seeing to my grandmother’s failing health and spending every day at a nursing home with her). Then there’s my two cousins who are fucking useless and think the sun shines out of their asses. Which leaves me, 30 years old, who has to make sure my mother’s depression and anxiety is in check, drive her places as she isn’t allowed to drive, walk on egg shells around my female cousin who can and will violently snap out at you at even the barest hint of criticism, and my male cousin who is basically at work or stoned 24/7.

    I doubt my own sanity most days. A break would be awesome.

    Family are the only people you can love while simultaneously wishing for the zombie apocalypse so you can take a baseball bat to their heads without any repercussions.