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  • 5x01 No Sanctuary

    Awesome. Seriously. Awesome.

    There should be a t-shirt out there that says simply, “Rick Grimes will kill you with extreme prejudice. Don’t piss him off.”

    Random episode thoughts that have spoilers after cut -

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    Gone Girl - thoughts, ‘cause a review has spoilers and those just piss people off

    Just got back from Gone Girl and I’m kind of underwhelmed.

    It wasn’t bad at all…it was actually good. It just wasn’t this grand Oscar worthy drama everyone has been saying it is either. (The perils of over-hyping at work there)

    Everything I’ve heard has gone on about how fabulous the cast was and to be honest? The acting was just good. The only people that really stood out as fantastic to me were Kim Dickens (Det. Boney) and Carrie Coon (Margo Dunne). I’ve seen Ben Affleck do much better (and lord knows we’ve seen him do worse). And Rosamund Pike…well…she didn’t scare me. She annoyed me and disgusted me…but at her core, Amy needs to be frightening. And she just wasn’t.

    I think I would have enjoyed it more had I not read the novel - not even ‘cause “oh, books are always better then the movies…” but because I wasn’t trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. Instead I was way too focused on what was left out of the movie and while I know that not everything in a novel can fit into a movie…without a few of these things the ending becomes even less palatable.

    Agree? Disagree?

    thoughts with a few spoilers below cut

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    cocoon (1985 film) observations

    I’ve seen the movie Cocoon a few times in my life; however, today is the first time I’ve seen it as an adult. In fact, I think I was around 12 the last time I saw it.

    As it was a horribly rainy Saturday my plans with my grandmother changed - we were going to ‘go for a walk’ (rather me push her wheelchair) around the neighborhood to the park and get some fresh air like we usually do on Saturdays. Instead, I flipped around channels and Cocoon was pretty much the least ‘offensive’ thing on television this morning (Or least offensive to an 84 year old woman with dementia who thinks it’s 1955 half the time now) - plus, despite the subject matter, it has some of her favorite actors in it.

    Now, I remember seeing this movie as a child and essentially thinking, “Wow…they get to go into outer space and live forever! That’s so cool!” As a 31 year old adult - this resonates as a much different movie.

    I suppose as children grief doesn’t register as strongly and it is cool that they get to go off in the space ship and live forever…as an adult all I can see is these people basically abandoning their families and friends for a chance at immortality. And then I wonder, “What’s so good about living forever if you have to give up your life to get it?”

    In fact, the scene that disgusted me most (now) was a grandfather explaining to his grandson that he and the boy’s grandmother were going to go away and they’d never see each other again…but they wouldn’t ever get sick and die and isn’t that just great.

    I just don’t get it.

    what the actual fuckery is this shit

    …new Twilight mini-movie-sequels on facebook next year.
    ::please wait while my brain explodes (and not in a good way) and then reboots itself::

    Now, consider the character of Isabella Swan (and every pathetic doormatish over-reaction she had to her ‘relationship’ with the sparklepire) and then appreciate all the irony in this statement Stephanie Meyer made to the New York Times: “The female voice is something that has become more and more important to me as I’ve worked in the film industry.”

    Seriously? The ‘female voice’? Maybe she shouldn’t have written a story that has pre-teen, teenaged (and middle aged and older) women the world over convinced that the most romantic thing in the world would be to have a man 100 years older then you essentially stalk your ass (sneaking into the bedroom window to fucking SMELL her?!), control your life and make you so obsessed with him that you become catatonic after he says some seriously nasty shit to you and leaves you in the fucking woods to freeze to death. OH! And THEN you go back to his beck and call ‘cause it’s ‘true love’. (and oh yea, pretty much all throughout our entire relationship I’m never going to get over how attractive you are…’cause that’s the most important thing ever.)

    And let’s not forget the utterly disgusting secondary arc about imprinting (and I’m not even talking just the imprinting on the half-corpse baby) - ‘cause ya know, my goal in life is to be mystically tied, magically in love with, and (apparently) property of someone, ‘cause my gene pool is apparently awesome. Someone wanna convince me that if there wasn’t mystical hoodoo forcing her decisions that Emily would have happily fucked over her cousin so epically?  ‘Cause personally? My cousins man starts following me around and telling me he’s in love with me and we’re meant to be together? Well, a restraining order and possibly a shot gun might be involved (considering the implication the prose gives of Sam’s little puppy dog routine before he, ya know, mauled Emily ‘cause he was pissed she wouldn’t get with his ass). And why the HELL didn’t she tell Leah that Sam had gone crazy-town? Mystical hoodoo.

    So yeah Ms. Meyer - feminism at it’s finest. Strong female characters just rampage through your novels. ::eye-roll::

    And before any Twi-heads or whatever the hell they’re called get on my ass - I know what feminism is. It isn’t some militaristic “women are better then men/don’t open any fucking doors for me” bullshit. Feminism is essentially equality of the sexes - in word, deed and action. ie: we are capable of the same things as men - the good AND the bad. While it doesn’t mean that females should abandon their femininity (or men should ignore their masculinity) - it does mean that a certain level of mutual respect should be enjoyed…and Twilight paints women as the consummate shrinking violet idiots who need men to function. It’s a really horrific message to send to impressionable young girls.

    Honestly - Bella is such a shitty character…I almost hope the little mini-movies are essentially a reveal of her being like, “Well, I showed you…now I’m young and pretty forever. Sooo, Edward, you probably should’ve insisted on a prenup.”

    …no other birthday has made me feel old before this one. All my friends are right - there’s something super shitty about seeing that ‘31’.

    Perhaps it’s the fact that I am now forced to say “I’m in my 30s”. You are no longer singularly 30. No, now it’s fucking plural.

    Okay…so…thank you Biggest Loser for finding my new tv boyfriend for this year.

    I mean, I get it, it’s a tv show. Of course the trainers are going to be attractive in face, as well as body, but God gave Jessie Pavelka more then his fair share of pretty. Good lord.

    So, I finally finished “Gone Girl”…
    *potential spoilers below the cut*

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    apparently we could open a pharmacy…

    Between my mother (bipolar), my grandmother (peripheral vascular disease…also, she’s freaking 84) and myself (ocular migraines) we have a lot of prescription medications. It’s not usually my ‘job’ in the grand scheme of running the household (of 7 people total) to manage the meds monthly - so I never realized exactly what’s there nor exactly quite how many we have.

    My mom had things to do outside the house this disgustingly humid Saturday morning so after making sure my grandmother (who just last wee had her right leg amputated above the knee) was settled for the first part of the morning I sat down to go through all the prescription medications in the house to make sure that everything was filled and available (calling in refills where necessary) I have come to only one conclusion -

    we seriously have enough controlled substances (legally) in this house between the three of us to make the DEA nervous (or if it really came down to it - the means to make a lot of money).

    Seriously, look at this shit (and these are only the ones that tend to be considered ‘recreationally fun’ by today’s moronic teenagers):

    Grandma: percocet (nighttime pain), xanax, ambien (for the nights her dementia has her violent), seroquel (for the nights when her dementia has her really, really violent), buspar (for the dementia effects in the daytime - keeps her calm without knocking her out), Tylenol 3 (daytime pain).

    Mom: vicodin, trazadone, abilify, klonopin.

    Me: vicodin, valium (it’s the only anti-anxiety medication that doesn’t react with the anti-seizure meds I have in my ‘migraine cocktail’).

    Book question

    Since the movie for “Gone Girl” will be coming out in October I decided it was finally time to finish reading the novel. I got about 1/3 of the way through a little over a year ago and had to stop reading because I kept thinking, “If he did kill her…I sort of wouldn’t blame him. She’s a really unpleasant human being.” There’s a real issue when you’re sympathizing with the prime suspect.

    Now that there’s all this press about the movie and talking about, “strange plot twists” and “unreliable narration to keep the reader guessing” I’m going to try it again.

    Has anyone read this novel yet? Is it worth it?

    CVS, cigarettes and complete and utter bullshit…

    So I guess CVS moved up their timeline to stop selling cigarettes ‘cause this morning I went in and asked for a pack of Pall Mall 100s and instead of telling me that they didn’t have any the woman proceeds to go to the cigarette case and then hands me this thing that looks like a small pack of cigarettes and it’s called ‘the last pack’ (or something like that) and it’s full of literature and charts all about how bad smoking is for me. Before I even got a chance to say a single word she starts opening it up and explaining what it is and tells me, “We stopped selling cigarettes because they are bad for you…and here’s all the reasons why and what they do to your body.”

    As I definitely realize the whole situation was not her fault I kept my mouth shut and simply said, “No thank you. I’ll just go elsewhere.”

    Here’s the thing: I’m not an idiot. I’m 30 damned years old - I know it’s fucking bad for me…but until it’s illegal I’ll thank you [CVS corporate] to stop being obnoxious and infringing on my rights to put whatever the hell I want in my body. Your company wants to stop selling cigarettes? Fine. But don’t get all damned preachy with me about how I should stop smoking. It’s not like they were pushing the ‘stop smoking’ literature while they were still selling cigarettes.

    They have no ‘moral high ground’ to stand on.

    I mean shit, if they are really concerned with the health of their customers perhaps they should get the beer and wine coolers out of their stores too? Or, all the over caffeinated energy drinks that they sell to minors almost in bulk. How about they start locking up the over the counter cough syrup that you don’t get carded to purchase? ‘Cause you know, those things are great for your health.

    I guess I should just be consoled by the fact that CVS is going to be hit where it hurts in the long run with this decision - the bank.